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When We Aren't Makin' Mead...

This Memorial Day was the birthday of Blissful Folly Farm. Sharing Rohan Meadery's acreage, Blissful Folly Farm was conceived with lofty goals in mind. We had already started a small vineyard, testing out various wine grape varieties ability to grow in our area, and also had planted about 20 fruit trees & assorted berry bushes, but the end of May marked the arrival of our first animal components.

Do you remember the story, no doubt read to you as a child...perhaps read by you now to your own children...called The Old Woman Who Swallowed the Fly? Well...we had originally moved to our farm from the city with three dogs & a cat. We lost our beloved friend Pecos, a rot & border collie mix, the first fall we were here due to cancer. Soon after we had adopted another dog from the local shelter. See, Sam, our blue heeler was best buds with Pecos...they played till the cows came home...literally. So, he was heartbroken with his friend gone. Our third dog was/is ancient. About 17 years old, hard of hearing, not so great eyesight...not so playful...but still gets around well. Thus, it was decided to adopt another dog from the shelter so Sam wouldn't be so lonely. So, Augie came to live with us. She is of unknown breed. Red, medium haired, she has the stature,  gait & glowing yellow eyes of a coyote, but with the auburn fur of a retriever. She is a sweetheart and a wonderful companion to Sam and our kids.

Well, the chickens were next.....they're easy after all right? I mean, why move out to the country and NOT have chickens? Who does that? So chickens were ordered and picked up and my dad and I built a lovely coop on the side of the yard, and we have lovely fresh eggs. Then the pond started to look a bit scummy. (Note: This is where the children's story kicks in.) We got geese to clean the pond. Coyotes got some of the geese, so we got two miniature donkeys to run off the coyotes. Everyone knows you can't have just one might get lonely. All of a sudden goats sounded like a wonderful idea. I mean we didn't want to cut down any trees in the back for more pasture...wouldn't goats just do so well on all that scrub brush? Let me just tell you here and now, that if acquiring goats ever sounds like a good need to run for it. Go directly to the nearest urban area and park yourself at a coffee shop. Allow a large dose of caffeine and the unclean urban air to clear your head.

So on Memorial Day I drove 3  1/2 hours each way to pick up my first goats. Mini-nubian dairy goats. Goats that think they are, goats that think they are people, and do not understand why they are not allowed inside, not allowed in the car, up on tables, get the idea. I had planned. I had ordered a small sturdy barn that was supposed to be installed weeks before the goats were ready. Family members had been recruited to help with fencing. I had planned. Unfortunately, I had not planned on the barn arriving weeks late, drought rendering the ground unbreakable- I mean rock hard, and mischievous little goats that did not want to be penned up.

So goats are happily penned up in the spacious chicken pen. Hubby's hernia surgery has been scheduled. Score one for the goats. Anybody want to put up some fencing? I'm having a glass of mead!

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“Ketogenic” is a term for a low-carb diet (like the Atkins diet). The idea is for you to get more calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates. You cut back most on the carbs that are easy to digest, like sugar, soda, pastries, and white bread.
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